Choose the Best Hydraulic Log Splitter

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Hydraulic log splitters are very efficient for splitting firewood. Many people talk about electric or hydraulic log splitters incorrectly. Almost all wood splitters are hydraulic (except manual splitters). What differs is whether the hydraulics are powered by either an electric motor or gas engine. Both types work well and each have their advantages and disadvantages. In almost all cases though the piston that applies pressure to split the piece of wood is controlled by hydraulic pressure.

The hydraulic log splitter can be horizontal, vertical, or combination of the two orientations. Most log splitters can also be towed to a different location such as a campsite to split logs. You have a choice of the type of hydraulic log splitter to use depending on your needs and the type of wood that you are splitting. Before selecting the appropriate log splitter, you need to consider the ram tonnage (force) required to split the type of logs and length and width of logs that you are going to split.

Gas log splitters are generally favored for use in commercial establishments. It splits large tough logs. Manufacturers have also made smaller versions for use in the home. Electric log splitters are generally quieter, but they usually have slower cycle times. They are more often found in consumer or hobby farm operations.

One of the better gas hydraulic log splitters is the Timberwolf TW-P1, which is powered by a Honda 5.5 hp engine and a Barnes 11 gpm hydraulic pump. The standard wedge is a 2-way, but you add an optional 4-way wedge. This Timberwolf 20 ton model can handle wood up to 26″ and the ram has a 13 second cycle time.

The Pow R Kraft 7 ton #65575 electric hydraulic log splitter is a good option for those who prefer the electric splitters. It has 2 speeds with 1500 and 2300 watts of output from a 3 hp motor. It is all steel construction and provides 7 tons of pressure using standard single phase power (15 amps). It will handle wood up to 20″ long and up to 12″ in diameter.

Hydraulic log splitters are priced according to capacity (tons of force). They generally range between $500 and $1900 per unit. Hitch attachments also vary in price depending on the tonnage. They can range between $200 and $ 650.

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