A simple, yet effective model is the Grizzly H6239 10 ton manual log splitter. It comes with 2 manual arms that you work back and forth to pump the hydraulics and split firewood.

The Grizzly H6239 is hand operated with an 18″ log capacity and 8-1/2″ ram stroke. There are two speeds, depending on the pressure required so that you don’t have to be particularly strong to operate this manual wood splitter.

The Grizzly 10 ton log splitter will split even the toughest hardwood, although you have to remember that it may take you a bit longer since you are pumping the arms by hand. This wood splitter weighs 98 pounds. It also has 2 small wheels on one end so you can move it around easily.

There are several benefits to this type of log splitter. Since it is manually operated, it is generally safer. Another benefit is the significantly lower price.  Heavy duty springs return the splitting ram to its original position for the next piece of wood.

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